Andrew Jamieson, Minister of Music


Andrew Jamieson is a pianist and composer, and is thrilled to bring his passions and faith to Bethel Community Presbyterian through a wide variety of musical traditions. He has a particular affinity for black gospel, an idiom he learned to know and love during his three years as a musician for black congregations in Evanston, Illinois while a student at Northwestern University. Before moving to Oakland, Andrew served a year as a Young Adult Volunteer of the Presbyterian Church in Guatemala, where he became fluent in Spanish and learned Spanish language worship music.

He completed an MA in music composition at Mills College where he worked with Roscoe Mitchell and Chris Brown, and studied improvisation and electronic music, with a thesis on the intersection between experimental improvisation and Pentecostal worship practices. He also composed a chamber opera that explores the intersection and tension between these two traditions and presents a story of the Peoples Temple in San Francisco.  It is dedicated to the memory, hopes and dreams of the victims of their 1978 massacre in Jonestown, Guyana and will be performed this June.

Something most people don't know about Andrew is that he has a parakeet named Sammie who loves to chirp along to his music and the theme song from Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

Andrew has been the Minister of Music at Bethel since February 2014.

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