Our Vision

  • We are a community of faith filled with joyful and loving servants of Jesus Christ.
  • We are a community of faith that reflects different generations, lifestyles, cultures, ethnicities, abilities and faith journeys.
  • We are a community of faith that celebrates every occasion with thankfulness for God's gifts in new and changing ways.
  • We are a community of faith that accompanies the stranger and each other when facing challenges and disappointments.
  • We are a community of faith uses to transform the lives of others and ourselves everyday.


Our Story

In 1998, Bethel had to discern where God was calling them. Membership had declined and resources were being depleted. Their options were to close, merge or change. After much prayer, discussion, prayer and courage they decided to change-And change they did! We are folks who have continued, restarted, or began their faith journeys here at Bethel.

Come and see what God is doing at Bethel.


Worship celebrates the presence of God through Jesus Christ, with song, relevant messages and inclusion of all who come. Bethel encourages families to worship together. Bethel celebrates life transitions…births, baptisms, birthdays, promotions to the 4th grade, marriages, all events that give us opportunities to celebrate with thanksgiving God's blessings in our lives…


Music is an important part of our worship celebration. The children's choir sings once a month during our worship celebration. On Thursday evenings at 7:30 the choir practices. New voices are always welcome. We also have a band with guitars, drums, & other instruments that perform praise music.

Relevant Messages & Bible Study

Bethel's messages can be applied to your daily life. Whether you are beginning, restarting or continuing your faith journey, explore your faith with us. Our message speaks of God's grace and love through prayer, study and fellowship. Bible study allows everyone to share their questions and is an opportunity to hear how God speaks to us through our life experiences.